98 / Year

Including VAT

Rentals Legal Protection

The best way to be fully protected on all legal issues that usually arise in property rental contract relationships, for tenants or landlords in Spain.

Telephone legal advice from 09.00 to 18.00 from Monday to Friday on any legal matter related to your personal or family property rentals properties in Spain.

  • Unlimited access to telephone legal advice
  • From 09.00 to 18.00 from Monday to Friday
  • Provided by experienced lawyers
  • In plain English
  • If you are the landlord, coverage of up to 2 rented properties

On any legal matters and subjects related to your rental property such as:

  • Reviewing and Legal interpretation of contracts, clauses, letters, documents, attachments, facts and law in relation to any doubts, concerns or problems that may arise due the rental relationship, providing general and concrete legal advice about the legal meaning and consequences of any situation, clauses, conditions, etc. All in plain English.
  • Full information regarding tenancy law and rentals spanish regulation, even if the contract establishes contradiction with law and about any illegal clauses and conditions.
  • Full advice and assistance in relation to all usual situations that arise in rentals relationships like, rent increasing, rent payment delays and default, whose duty it is to pay expenses, costs and taxes; whose duty it is to pay home or property insurance, pets and limits, noise complaints, maintenance costs and expenses and whose duty to pay, maintenance and repairs duties and limits, people allowed to use rented homes, guests and limits, contract termination, unilateral termination, anticipated termination by one of the parties and consequences, taxes to be paid for the lease for both parties, obligations of communication of the lease to authorities and consequences of not informing, obligations regarding the deposit, minimum deposit, no refund of the deposit by the landlord at the termination of the contract, undue charge of concepts in the deposit, non- reception of the property by the landlord at the termination of the contract, prohibited entry into the house leased by the landlord, duty of paying commission to the real estate agency, endorsements and additional guarantees to the deposit, correct or incorrect application of endorsements and guarantees, non-functioning of services of the building where the property is located, right to services and facilities provided for the tenants and their guests and their limits, obligation of cleaning and painting of the property at the termination of the contract, major and minor damages to the property, problems in the functioning of appliances and installed equipment, maintenance and problems of gardens and swimming pools, income tax, obligations regarding declaration of the landlord and of the tenant, consequences of non-declaration, authorized form of payment, etc.

24-hour advice for legal emergencies.

This service operates 24 hours a day, every day of the year, for help and telephone legal advice and assistance on urgent matters like:

  • Serious property damages, property affected by criminal procedures like drugs, guns or money laundering, police proceedings against a landlord or tenant affecting the property, use of the property for criminal purposes and all issues that need urgent assistance.

All the subjects related to property rentals are included

  • Civil law, contract interpretation, taxation, administrative, criminal, covering all the areas affected.

Preparation and review of legal documents related to the property rental relationship

The Service includes:

  • The reviewing of documents and the drafting of lawyers in all kind of documents related to the property rental relationship, drafting in Spanish or English language, including all kind of communications between both parties like letters, notices, requests, notifications, annexed contracts and contract clarifying and the modification of documents, modification of contracts, documents for the extension of the term of the contract and renewal of the term of the contract, receipts of payments, receipts for the return of the property at the termination of the lease contract, documents for the severance package and transaction of problems or litigations, claims, notifications of the expiration of the contract or notifications of the resolution of the contract, complaints, replies to all types of letters or requests from the opposing party, following the advice of the lawyer when needed or when required by the client. The complete drafting and negotiation of complete new contracts is not included. In any case, if a contract of the so-called Legal Lifeline Standard Forms is used, assistance will be given at the same price at the time of contracting, however, without the presence of our lawyers at the firm.

Negotiation with other parties on your behalf

This will be carried out by our lawyers who are experts in each legal area, seeking to reach a satisfactory solution to your problem.

Assistance from our Network of Partner Law Firms

  • Legal Lifeline offers its clients its Network of Partner Law Firms for those situations where attendance in person by a solicitor/lawyer is necessary, like court proceedings if you wish to go to or if the lawsuit is unavoidable and in case of totally new rental contracts when not using Legal Lifeline Standard Forms.
  • We can also advise clients on other providers of services which are required: ‘Gestoria (private administrative office), experts, etc.

The benefits of the access to our Network of Partner Law Firms are:

  • Previous advice by our lawyers, trying to give solution to avoid the litigation
  • Complete and total expertise in litigation related to rental relationships or in contracting.
  • Coverage throughout Spain, particularly in those areas of Spain with English-speaking residents.
  • Full check and previous approval of the firms by Legal Lifeline to ensure the utmost professionalism.
  • Monitoring by Legal Lifeline of the whole process of the law firm assistance and specific quality control by Legal Lifeline.
  • Check and control of budgets and fees charged to our clients, obtaining very convenient budgets and fees for our clients.
  • Free first consultation to one of our Partner Law Firms, and reduced prices for our clients.