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Employment Legal Protection

The way to be legally protected in your working relationships and in relationships within your company.

With this service, you will be fully informed and you will be able to defend your legal rights.

The way to be fully assisted in all legal and tax matters related to any problems arising from your employment relationship, such as the duration of the contract, trial period, minimum wage, dismissal, geographical and functional mobility, work conciliation, delays in the payment of salary, contracts of domestic service …

With this service, you will be able to defend your rights and solve all the legal problems and doubts of your working environment.

  • BEFORE: Because we are going to study and review your employment contract, even if you do not have any doubts or problems, to know what to expect if the conditions change and to try to improve certain aspects if it is convenient and inform you of your rights regarding Social Security, collective agreement, and types of contract.
  • DURING: Because the moment you have any questions or are involved in a problem related to your job, you will have at your disposal 24 hours a day every day of the year a full team of specialists in the employment area to advise you at anytime
  • IN CONCLUSION: Because if we arrive at voluntary redundancy or discharge, we will be back to you during the whole process, to calculate the compensation correctly in the first case and to manage the discharge in the most favourable way for you straightaway.

Our service includes:

  • Legal review and interpretation of the employment contract, clauses, letters, documents, files, and laws related to any doubt, concern, or problem you may encounter in employment relationships, etc.
  • Complete information regarding your employment rights, even when the contract establishes inconsistencies as to the law or illegal clauses or conditions.
  • Advice regarding the employment contract and its consequences: different types of contracts, payroll, minimum wage, collective bargaining agreement, hours, overtime, occupational risk, geographical mobility, etc.
  • Legal assistance against dismissal: dismissal, improper, null, proceedings before the SMAC, calculation of compensation and calculation of the settlement, etc.
  • Assistance in claiming amounts: early retirement, severance payments, claim to FOGASA.
  • Advice on possible sanctions against the worker and the employer: economic sanctions, suspension of employment and salary.
  • Advice related to work accidents and occupational disease: either in the workplace or on the road, disability and disability issues.
  • Advice on Social Security matters: Whether retirement, unemployment, voluntary discharge, maternity leave, disability.
  • Tax matters related to the employment contract: percentage of retention, taxation on indemnities, minimum for disability, etc.
  • Any other issues related to employment and unemployment

Telephone legal advice from 9 am to 6 pm from Monday to Friday on any legal or tax issues related to your employment relationship or issues arising from your work activity.

  • Unlimited access to legal telephone advice
  • From 9 am to 6 pm from Monday to Friday
  • By expert lawyers specialised in employment law

In any field and legal matter related to your employment relationship, for example:

  • Review and legal interpretation of the employment contract, clauses, letters, documents, files, and laws related to any doubt, concern, problem that may arise during the relationships at work.
  • Complete information regarding employment law, even when the contract establishes inconsistencies as to the law or illegal clauses or conditions.
  • Complete advice on the most common situations that may arise regarding employment relations such as basic employment rights, form and validity of contract, contract modalities, trial period, contract duration, non-discrimination in employment relations, calculation Termination and other indemnifications, professional classification and promotion at work, promotions, salary issues and wage guarantees, equal remuneration for sex, extraordinary bonuses, the Wage Guarantee Fund, working time, working hours, overtime, holidays, rest periods and permits, functional and geographical mobility, suspension of the employment contract, termination of the contract for objective reasons, dismissal inadmissible, faults and sanctions of workers, representation bodies, works councils, worker assemblies, employment infractions , employment contract, layoffs, network Action of the conciliation ballot before the corresponding Mediation Service in each Autonomous Community, etc.

Advice 24 hours in front of legal emergencies.

This service operates 24 hours a day, every day of the year, for the attention and assistance of urgent matters in matters such as:

  • Dismissals, situations of harassment, bullying, sudden death of the employer, business closure or competition of creditors of the company, EREs and collective dismissal, sanctions and any other communication that is received by the company and all matters that need advice right now.

All matters related to employment law are included

  • Employment law, interpretation of contracts, taxes, administrative and criminal law, covering all areas involved.

Preparation, drafting, revision and legal interpretation of all types of legal documents.

This service includes:

  • The preparation and review by Legal Lifeline lawyers of all legal documents relating to Employment Relations that you may need, made in English or Spanish, including all possible communications between the parties such as notifications, requests, letters, responses, attachments and clarifications to the contract, modifications, contract renewals, holiday disputes, claims, salary receipts, settlement documents and transaction of problems or litigation, claims, notifications of contract expiration or notifications of resolution, denunciations, replies to all types of letters or requests from the opposing party, all at the suggestion of the lawyer when needed or at the request of the client. The drafting and negotiation of new contracts is not included.

Negotiations with the opposing party

If you want to negotiate our lawyers will advise you at all times. Of course, if you want Legal Lifeline to negotiate for you, the negotiations will be carried out by our expert lawyers, trying to reach a satisfactory solution of the problem.

Personal assistance in our Network of Associated Law Offices.

  • Legal Lifeline makes available to its clients its Network of Associated Law Firms, throughout the Spanish territory, for situations in which the physical presence of a lawyer is necessary, such as judicial proceedings in case they have filed a lawsuit against our client or if it is he who decides the lawsuit is inevitable.
    We also advise our clients in the hiring of other supplier’s necessary for the procedure in question, such as Agencies, experts, etc.
    The benefits to the client of having access to our Network of Associated Law Offices are:
  • First free consultation in the Firm and special prices for our clients. We present you with a lawyer until you feel comfortable with the chosen one.
  • Preliminary assistance from our lawyers, trying to find a satisfactory solution that avoids legal proceedings.