Can I call from outside Spain?

Yes, in the information we send you when you subscribe, we include telephone numbers to use when phoning from inside and outside Spain.

Is assistance always provided remotely, by phone?

 Our service consists of completely resolving any of your legal questions, problems or issues.  Telephone or internet assistance makes this easier for you.

However, if assistance in person is needed to resolve the matter, one of the lawyers from our network will attend to you personally.

Does the service include filing complaints on my behalf?

Yes. Our lawyers will take care of everything:

  • Advise you on the best solution
  • Draw up a complaint and send it to the appropriate place
  • Negotiate with other parties, whether this is a utility company, telephone company, neighbour, garage, etc.
  • Everything that is needed to file your complaint and follow it up effectively to reach the most favourable agreement.

If, ultimately, it is not possible to resolve the matter through amicable agreement, we will give you information on the possibilities of making a judicial claim, and if appropriate, the most suitable lawyer from our network will represent you in the procedure. LEGAL LIFELINE will be at your side throughout the process, will oversee your lawyer and will obtain the best possible price and service for you.

How do I pay?

You can set up a direct debit from your current account in Spain. You can also pay by credit or debit card.

Can I defer payment of the annual fee?

In principle it is an annual fee. But if it suits you better to defer part of the price, ask our team, who will find the solution that best suits your circumstances.

Do I have to sign anything?

Yes, you have to sign a contract with us. What happens is that, in the majority of cases, simply recording your acceptance of the contract or approving it via web payment will be all that is needed; this, ultimately, has the same value as a signature and in these cases you will not need to sign anything. LEGAL LIFELINE will send you your contract and the terms and conditions of use and any other documentation required.

Will I always deal with the same person?

In the standard service, PERSONAL LEGAL PROTECTION, the lawyer who attends to you will depend on the legal matter involved (Consumer, Criminal, Labour, Property…) and they work in shifts. If one particular lawyer is dealing with your matter and there is a development (for example you receive a communication) and you phone us, it is possible that the same lawyer will not be in the office and available. In this case you can decide whether to leave a message for him to call you back when he is in the office or whether you would like another lawyer, who also specialises in the same area of law, to follow up your case. It is your choice.

If you subscribe to the PERSONAL LAWYER service, the same lawyer will always look after you and be responsible for your personal matters, unless you don’t want him to.

Does the service renew automatically every year?

Yes, for the convenience of our clients, the service renews every year. If you wish to discontinue the service, you just have to phone us and send a signed letter explaining that you do not wish to renew.

Do I have to meet any requirements to subscribe to any of the services?

Nothing in particular. Be older than 18 and pay the fee.

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