Can I consult you on any questions or problems?

Yes. Our service includes all legal areas, therefore, whatever your question or problem, our lawyers will always be able to tackle it.

Can I call you whenever I need to?

Yes. You can phone as many times as you need or want, there is no limit.

What exactly does the service include?

LEGAL LIFELINE provides immediate and effective help in resolving any questions or legal problems that you may have at any time in Spain and they will always speak to you in English.

Our lawyers do not just assess your problem, but will also provide any services that are needed -negotiation with other parties, drawing up contracts, letters of complaint, review of legal documents, etc.- to get the best possible result for you from a legal point of view.

All the concepts mentioned above are covered by the annual fixed fee for the service and are capable of resolving the majority of cases.

However, if this is not the case, and a visit to a lawyer is necessary to resolve the matter, LEGAL LIFELINE will recommend the most suitable person to help you with your concerns, from among our partner law firms. LEGAL LIFELINE will be at your side throughout the process, will oversee your lawyer and will obtain the best possible price and service for you.

Can I become a client right now?

You can sign up immediately online or by phone. There is no need to wait.

How can I find out exactly what is included in the service?

The person who takes your phone call will answer all your queries. Also, on our website you can find all the information and the general terms and conditions for our different services. And if you become a client, we will send you full information on your service, the terms and conditions of use, a client business card so you always have our number at hand and any other documents you need, both by email and by post to your home address.

Can I send LEGAL LIFELINE any Spanish document (contracts, notifications, etc.) to review?

Yes. This is part of the service we offer and is also included in the annual fee. Our lawyer will explain any legal documents that you send to us.

Our lawyer will review the Spanish document and will phone you in English to explain the content and any legal implications. He will then make any recommendations and amendments that are most appropriate for you.

Once I am a client, can I speak to a lawyer?

Of course. When you have signed up, you can immediately consult one of our lawyers on any questions, problems or legal matters.

How can I become a client?

It is very easy:

  • By filling in the form on this page and making the payment
  • By phoning us on 902 808 900 from Spain or on +44 203 868 95 09 if phoning from outside Spain
  • Or even leaving your phone number so we can call you back.

Can I sign up now and discuss a problem I have at the moment?

Of course. Our service does not have a grace period, so we will give you advice and resolve any of your problems, even if you had them before you became a client.

Does it cover all my family?

Yes, this is a product for personal matters and as such includes your family; it may be used by any family member who depends directly on you or who lives with the person who subscribed (spouse, children under 25 and ascendants who live in the same house). For your convenience and safety, we just need you to allocate one person who will speak to us.

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Send us your question and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Remember that you can also contact us by phone at 902 808 900.